about us

The Giovanile Rimini team was born in 2002 from a common idea by Renzi Roberto and Colombini Giovanni;
transform the old and decaying “Railwaymen” facility into a modern structure for teaching football.

In the summer of 2003 they come all the changing rooms were redone and the roof was completely redone grassy area of the central field.
In 2004 the synthetic five-a-side football pitch was built.
In 2006 the football was built.
In 2008 the synthetic turf of five-a-side football was redone and the same thing happened covered with a heated pressostatic structure for the winter months.
In 2010 the changing rooms were equipped with forced air fans which give hot air in winter and air conditioning in summer, again in 2010 comes built a natural grass soccer field identical to the central field.

Today the Rimini Youth team has a modern structure in heart of the city a stone's throw from the sea! 
In 2013 the company transforms into Academy.

giovanile rimini show

 For more than 15 years we have been forming a football team taking kids from all over the world, with the aim of giving young people a unique opportunity to compete with professional football, specifically with Spanish football, facing the important teams of the Iberian Peninsula. In some cases, some young people have been offered the opportunity to move to Spain to try to follow the path of professionalism! Someone has succeeded... The show visible on Youtube on our channel is our showcase to make us known. Support the team with a "follow" help us grow.

Giovanile Rimini S.a.s.

via Roma 70, 47923 Rimini

Tel. 0541 384418